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Naděžda Šišková

Head of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Assoc. prof. et Assoc. prof. JUDr. Naděžda Šišková, Ph.D. is a Head of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in EU Law and holder of Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law at the Faculty of Law Palacký University. She belongs to the leading experts on EU Law and European integration studies in the Czech Republic.

Starting from 2019 she is a main coordinator of the Jean Monnet Network „European Union and the Challenges of Modern Society (Legal Issues of Digitalization, Robotization, Cyber Security and Prevention of Hybrid Threats)” the project supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU.

Contact: nadezda.siskova@upol.cz

Education and professional experience

She is a founder and the first Head of the Department of International and European Law at the Faculty of Law (1996-2014). She is also a historically first Jean Monnet Chairholder in EU Law in the Czech Republic (since 1997).

She has two specialisations: in EU Law (Ph.D. Degree in EU Law at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University in Brno, Assoc. Prof. degree in EU Law – habilitation at Pan-European University in Bratislava) and Assoc. Prof. degree in Political sciences (habilitation in International relations at the Economic University in Prague).

She is also a President of the Czech Association of European studies (Czech ECSA, Member of ECSA-world), the scientific society, which unites the scholars and experts, who are specialised on EU integration.

She is also a Member of the Czech Society for International Law and several other scientific societies, in the Czech Republic and abroad.

She is a founder and Chief Editor of the Journal „European Studies. The Review of European Law, Economics and Politics” edited by Wolters Kluwer.

She is also a Member of Editorial board of other 6 scientific journals in the Czech Republic and abroad, namely:

  • Czech Yearbook of International Law (Praha)
  • International and Comparative Law Review (Olomouc)
  • Acta iuridica Olomoucensis (Olomouc)
  • Working Papers VŠE Praha (Praha)
  • „Advokat“ (Kyjev, Ukrajina)
  • „Vestnik Academii Advokatury Ukrajiny“ (Kyjev, Ukrajina)

She is a member of different scientific bodies and the commissions: for instance, the Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Law Palacky University, Member of the Commission for the defence of Ph.D. thesis at the Faculty of International relations of Economic University in Prague, Member of the Commission for the defence of the Ph.D. thesis of the Faculty of Law, Palacky University, the Member of the Executive Board of the Technical University in Tallin (Estonia), etc.

Naděžda Šišková participated as an expert and evaluator of the different grant projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. She also evaluated the projects as an expert for European Commission of the 6th Framework Programme and 7th Framework Programme and Jean Monnet Programme, as well as Programme Horizon 2020 of the EU Research Agency.

Naděžda Šišková had implemented 20 grant research and academic projects (18 of them as coordinator). For instance she was a coordinator of the Jean Monnet Multicultural Research Group, which consisted from the researchers from the Palacky University in Olomouc (Czech Republic), University in Heidelberg (Germany), Komenský University in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Kiev University (Ukraine).

Research field and expertise

The main fields of her scientific interest and research are: Human rights protection at the level of the EU (including the mechanism of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU); Union´s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, External Relations Law of the EU (especially Eastern Partnership and Association law), International and Institutional Law of the EU, Reform of the Union, EU Asylum and migration policy, etc.

Most relevant publications

Naděžda Šišková is an author of about 120 publications (monographs, text-books, scientific articles) published in the Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia. The quotation of her publication is 390 (including 101 abroad).

The most relevant publications are:

  • Šišková, N.: Dimension of Human Rights Protection in the EU. Prague: Linde, 2008, 254 p.
  • Šišková, N. (ed.): From Eastern Partnership to the Association. A Legal and Political Analysis. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014, 303 p. (publicated in English in the Great Britain).
  • Šišková, N. ed: The process of Constitutionalisation of the EU and the related issues, Groningen: Europa Law Publishing, 2008, 238 p. (publicated in English in Netherlands).
  • Šišková, N a kol.: Lisbon Treaty and its Impact on the Institutional European and National Law of Member states, Prague: Leges, 2012.
  • Šišková, N., Stehlík, V.: European Law I. – Constitutional Foundations of the EU, Prague: Linde, 2007, 310 p.
  • Šišková, N. (ed.): European Law II – International Market of the EU. Prague: Wolters Kluwer, 2012.
  • Šišková, N.: Foundations of the Russian Law and Russian Law terminology, Prague: Linde, 2006, 309 p. Šišková, N., Matochová, S.: European and Czech Law, their Relationship in the Case-law of the Czech Constitutional Court, Prague: Linde, 2010, 448 p.
  • Šišková, N.: The Impact of the Eurozone´s Crisis on the Institutional Framework and National Law of Member States- Some Considerations. In: Danube: Law and Economic Review, No. 12/2013, 4(4), pp. 293-300. (published in English).
  • Šišková, N.: The Human Rights Protection in the European Union Context and its Current Dilemma, „The European Legal Forum“, Mnichov, 2005, č. 1, page.   1-8, ISBN/ISSN: 1615-6048, (published in English in Germany).
  • Šišková, N.: New challenges of the EU in the field of human rights (focusing on the mechanism of the Charter) „European Studies. The Review of European Law, Economics and Politics“, Vol. 1, 2014 page 9-16, ISBN/ISSN: 1805-8809/978-80-7478-659-4, (published in English).
  • Siskova, N.: Treaty of Lisbon and Charter of Fundamental rights of the EU, future prospects, in: Porto, M., de Amaral, F.(ed.): Temas de Integração, Almedina, Coimbra, 2009, page 11- 19, ISBN/ISSN: 9789724037929, (published in English in Portugal).
  • Šišková, N: Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the EU in the Context of Protocol No. 30 to Lisbon Treaty, „Danube: Law and Economics Review“, 2011, issue 2, pages 55-61. ISSN 1804-6746, (published in English).
  • Šišková, N.: Chartia osnovných prav Evropejskogo Sojuza i voprovy sudebnoj zaštity, „Advokat“, Kyjev, 2012, issue 11, page 6 – 8, ISBN/ISSN: 1998-4758, (published in Russian in Ukraine).


Naděžda Šišková was awarded by the Czech Association for European studies for the significant contribution for the development of the science in the field of European Law.

She was 3 times decorated by Rector´s prize for the best monographs, namely for monographs:

  • Šišková, N. ed: From Eastern Partnership to the Association. A Legal and Political Analysis, „Cambridge Scholars Publishing“, 2014, ISBN13: 978-1-4438-5819-9, 303 pages. Publicated in English in the Great Britain.
  • Šišková, N.:Dimenssion of Human Rights Protection in the EU, „Linde“, Prague, 2008, 254 pages, ISBN: 978-80-7201-710-2.
  • The Process of Constitutionalisation of the EU and the related issues, Europa Law Publishing, Groningen, 2008.

She was nominated by Faculty of Law Palacký University for the Tang Prize in the cathegory of Rule of Law for 2016.