Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in EU Law

Reform of the Union and the Related Issues

About the Centre

Since 2019 Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in EU Law continues its cutting edge research in new areas. Digitalization, robotization and cybersecurity should not be a chaotic process, but on the contrary, it must be regulated by the „smart“ and appropriate legal rules, which on one side will reflect the peculiarities of mentioned phenomena, and on the other side will ensure their compliance with the rule of law principles.

The introduction and implementation of new legal rules, tailored exclusively for these purposes, is extremely crucial right now. The project concerning its ratione materiae is dedicated to the analysis and solving of these challenges resulted from global usage of modern technologies.

The project of a wide range of deliberables, including 12-think tank activities, including 3 conferences and 3 workshops.

Centre events

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During the course of its operation, the centre has held a number of public events. They ranged from scientific conferences and workshops through round tables, guest lectures and student activities to promotional events such as book presentations.